We finally have completed our half bath it turned out simply FABULOUS!

Though I can honestly say I myself didn't even know how it was going to turn out with how many times the concept changed because of various issues or new ideas developing but I am VERY pleased with the end results.

After almost 4 weeks of work we've gone from this....

Old & Strange Bathroom

Moldy & Water damaged floor

...to this...

Fantabulous new bathroom!

What the wall hides...

I am so pleased with how everything turned out and absolutely love the color scheme we chose to go with!
So I can honestly say I'm starting to get back into a normal life flow now that we are finishing up on the construction and moving in. This weekend is our housewarming / engagement party so the whole house has to be cleaned top to bottom of course but to me that's easy... Just put some awesome music on blast and get down to the nitty gritty (cleaning that is LOL).

After seeing my girlfriend Jess over at Sparkles & Crafts was explaining to me how she does meal planning so she knows what she's doing for dinner during the week and seeing as we've eaten out at LEAST 3 days a week since buying the house cause of all the chaos I decided this is something I definitely need to start. She had posted a link to Rumbly In My Tumbly on her twitter and needless to say I'm hooked! I can not wait for fall to start trying her baking recipes to!!

Glimpse Into My Night
While sitting eating dinner this evening (home cooked meal versus eating out) I was telling Gregory we should start the meal plan and had some ideas for next weeks meal.

We finally decided on:
Monday :: Chicken Tortilla Soup (crock pot version)
Tuesday :: English Muffin Pizzas
Wednesday :: Lasagna Roll Ups
Thursday :: Chicken Parmasen
Friday :: Steak &  Mashed Potatoes
Saturday :: Stuffed Green Peppers
Sunday :: Splurge or Left Over meal (possibly eat out)

After finalizing what we were eating I set out to make the grocery list for what we would need while searching the ads and what sales they were having and Gregory went out on the motorcycle riding for a bit. Now I'm sitting in my office with my beloved Pumpkin Pie candle from Yankee Candle burning blogging away. Life just feels ...normal... again and I couldn't be any happier!
Our beautiful stairs! (What sold me on the house!)

Today officially marks our one month of being homeowners! It still seems so surreal to me that Gregory and I are homeowners.

We've accomplished so much in the house thanks to the help of our family! I can hardly believe the changes I'm seeing in our house. We've painted the entire house (well almost, still have a few rooms left to finish), remodeled the half bath and we will now have a wonderful size concrete patio put in so we can enjoy our backyard even more! (That is if the weather decides to cooperate!)

It's rather funny when you wander through our house and see the colors we've selected because most of the rooms are light, natural and calm. But then you walk into my office and well... BAM! She's a loud wonderful color! I love it, Gregory on the other hand tends to avoid that room LOL

My wonderful bright office!

We've still have a bit of unpacking to do and my office clearly needs a desk. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect desk at the perfect price... I plan on enlisting my friend Jess from Sparkles & Crafts to help me on the hunt. We're planing a weekend of Starbucks & Garage Sales to find it.

Today's agenda includes finishing painting and working on finishing the half bath. I'll have before and after pictures of the bathroom once she's complete. She's come a long way and promises to look gorgeous once we are finished!
Well seeing as I enjoy blogging a little to much on my beauty blog about my life that I mine as well start a blog regarding my life.

I'm a 25 year old executive assistant with a bachelors degree in graphic design with an amazing fiance and newly purchased home. I blog, twitter and facebook WAY to much so decided to run with it!

Life as we know it... (the last four weeks at least in short)

After purchasing our house on June 21st, we have thrown our selves into making this house into a home. With the ample help from our families we were able to remodel our half bath, paint the whole house and soon we will have a concrete patio to enjoy our backyard more! Current state of our yard offers a small concrete step to walk out into a dry hay like feeling grass because of the lack of rain in the chicago land area...

Our housewarming / engagement party (we've been together 7 years as of yesterday but he proposed on April 20th) is next weekend and we are thrilled to show our family our new home!

More to come, stay tuned for all the crazy & fun times to be had in the DelFabulous Homestead!