So today started off like every other day.. I didn't want to get out of bed when my alarm went off because it seems just way to comfortable and probably because I was up so late playing on my new computer. I got dressed and ready to take on the day and headed out for my drive to work little did I know that I was going to get rear ended at 45 mph... Not so fun.

Luckily no one was seriously hurt and Winston (my Jeep compass) didn't have to much damage as the guy that hit my car ran in to my trailer hitch. I was hit hard enough that my sun glasses flew off my head and my travel mug of coffee came out of the cup holder and exploded coffee everywhere to the point I now have coffee in my back seat. (Not a happy camper) However, the gentleman's car wasn't in such great shape. His airbag went off and the cooling fan was smashed against the motor of the car and the front end buckled out.

Now being 25 years old I can honestly say up until today I have never been in a car accident (at least to my memory its possible as a child I was but they must have been minor cause I don't remember them) and I definitely was a spastic case. Both of us hopped out of our cars asked if each other was okay, called our boss' to let them know what was going on. He called the police while I call Gregory to let him know what was going on then called my parents. I'm proud of my self as I didn't cry but I definitely was shaking like a leaf.

My car you can't really see to much damage there's cracks and gouges in the bumper and my trail hitch is bent. Oh, and I now have a Mazda logo embossed into my bumper as well.

Poor Winston

His sad smashed up hitch cover
Unless you get under the vehicle and take a look you really can't see to much damage my trailer hitch is smashed into my muffler which is making the car sound awful but I guess that's not to bad after all it could have been a lot worse! My parents kept yelling at me cause I was more upset about the fact I had coffee ALL over my interior. I mean its even splattered across my back seat... Not happy about that at all...

But the gentleman that hit me I feel a lot worse for. He just recently bought the car and hasn't even made a payment on it yet! His air bag deployed and his car DEFINITELY looked a lot worse than mine.

Poor smooshed Mazda
After we got all the reports taken care of my parents took me to the hospital because I was starting to feel pain in my neck and back as well as developing a headache. They did the usual x-rays and all that jazz. The doctor said I looked okay that it was just stress to my neck muscles and I would have a bruise on my stomach from the seat belt but I would feel a lot worse tomorrow.. (Oh goodie...)

I have a 9am appointment tomorrow to have my car asses for damage as well as to make sure the guy was at fault... Really?! A) Illinois state law is if you are rear ended the person who hits you is automatically at fault, B) The police officer issues him a ticket for failure to stop and avoid a collision and C) Clearly he was following to closely is he couldn't avoid hitting my vehicle as well as hit admitted the sun hit him in the eyes and he didn't realize I was braking till it was to late. (Don't get me wrong during that time of day the sun does face directly at your windshield when traveling that road but isn't that what visors were put in cars for?) So now begins the battle with insurance companies to get your car repairs but

But I'm drugged up on Valium and some Tylenol extra strength to help with the pain and stiff muscles stuck between feeling to antsy to sit still but feeling tired where all I want to do is sleep. So that's it for now I'm off to bed, good night everyone!
It's one of those nights where I just feel like blogging but don't exactly have anything specific to talk about so I figured I'd just start rambling and I'd be bound to come up with something!

It's nice to have some down time again in life where I actual have time to mess with makeup and hair or just sit on Pinterest for hours pinning pin after pin.

Even though it's only Wednesday I do have to say I've had a rather productive week! Gregory helped me build a new desktop PC as my poor Cheeto (mac book pro; don't ask Gregory named him) is really starting to bog down. This is probably due to the fact I am a huge Minecraft dork (Username: HollyGolightly87) and playing it on my laptop even with a fan under the mac it still runs at 182 degrees. So after three blissful years I've retired Mr. Cheeto to just be specifically for travel and we are now on a monster PC. She's been named Audrey even though she is  no where near a girly looking computer but I've never really made any sense with things so it works.

Meet Audrey & all her fun
I've also had a chance to recolor my hair for the fall season... Yeah I know it's still a bit early but I am just way to excited for the fall season to begin! Winter can hold off close to forever but I seriously just love fall! The wonderful colored leaves, caramel apple spices from Starbucks, cute sweaters, boots among other fabulous things!

My original hair color was a faded out red ombre speckled with gray hairs (yes, I am admitting to having gray hairs.. there's no way of hiding them they are there!) 

Before: Faded Red Ombre
After: Purple to Orchid Ombre
 I'm seriously in love with my hair! Only problem is every time I was my hair it looks like a 50lb bag of grapes exploded all over my shower.. Gregory is not happy about it but I've found an easy resolutions to getting the hair dye off the white tub & shower curtain (yes, I have a white shower curtain. They aren't friendly with purple hair dye). I had an old small travel spray bottle that I use to store water in that I never used so I put straight bleach into the spray bottle. Just a few mists on the purple spots in the shower and BAM no more purple! The white shower curtain on the other hand requires washing but nothing my darling washing machine couldn't fix! (Really the best 25th birthday present a girl can ask for! [Yes, I got a washer & dryer for my birthday. I'm weird don't judge me.])

My purple tub... Greg was not so thrilled with this... OOPS
Now this evening Gregory went out with the boys for bike night (motorcycle not bicycle) and I stayed home messing with makeup, hair products, painted my nails and played on my new computer. I love nights like this where we kind of do our own thing but I also love cuddle snuggles nights where we sit on the couch and watch movies or a night of gaming and chatting via computer chat even though we're in opposite rooms from each other (we're weird like that LOL)

I think this helps keeps our relationship strong have our own vices that give us mental breaks but in the end we always take the time to sit or lay and talk to each other about our days. But I'm off to harass Gregory and go to sleep. Sleep well darlings!

This past week I have been working on refinishing a dress that has been in the family for quite some time. It started out as my dad's childhood dresser in a dark brown wood color, got to my sister where she painted it white... along with spilled everything imaginable on it as well as putting stickers on it... (Don't get me started on that...) and is now finally to me, where I've decided to paint it black to match the color scheme we've decided to go with in our master bedroom (black & white).

*Correction: The dresser was originally my Great Grandma Sophie's*

My inspiration started with Pinterest as it seems all my random "OOOOO I gotta try that" ideas come from.

source: Johnny Egg

I absolutely loved how the pink gave you a POP of color while still keeping the dresser looking chic & classy plus, refinishing the dresser meant I didn't have to look at the stained sticker residue white dresser anymore!

I'm not really a fan of pink so I decided to go with a Tiffany's blue. I had a gallon of the color from my friend Jess on a rehab project she had worked on and didn't have a use the the paint any longer (WOOHOO free paint)

Here's the dresser before:
Sad stained white dresser

Sticker residue & original wood color on drawer
I even pulled out the power tools for this one (I kidnapped my dad's tools haha!)

They let me use power tools! .:evil grin:.
I power sanded off most of the white paint except for the tiny areas where the sander wouldn't reach. That's where I had to go to Lowe's and get some sanding blocks (60 grit & 180 grit $4.48 each) as well as picking up the black paint (I purchased Olympic paint in the color Black Ice in a high gloss($28.97) and black drawer liner ($5.47). This trip cost me $47.41 (Holy crap paint was expensive!)

Sanded & naked dresser - Front

Sanded & naked dresser - Side
Here's what the dresser looked like after finished the hand sanding and sponge cleaning all the dust and debris off of it. I decided to paint the backs of the drawers first with the Tiffany's blue as I was feeling a bit iffy and scared of the black paint (HARDEST THING TO PAINT IS BLACK...)

Accenting the drawers with Tiffany's Blue

Two coats of paint and we were sitting on easy street... okay maybe not but it was definitely starting to take shape and I was really starting to get excited! Now came the time for the black paint. It was pretty nerve racking painting the dresser black because if you had to much paint on the roller it looked streaky and globby and if you had to little paint it was streaky and patchy... (Yes, I've now made globby a word) I was finally able to find a routine that worked for the paint and proceeded to put 3 coats of paint on the dresser it self while the drawers only needed 2. While the dresser & drawers were painting me and my mom set off to Home Depot where I picked up the dresser knobs ($19.95 for a 10 pack, I only needed 8 but I now have 2 extra "in case" knobs)

Simple satin nickel knobs
This morning I installed the knobs and Gregory helped me bring the dresser back upstairs. Here's the final look!

Newly painted dresser back in its home!

The Tiffany's Blue POP of color! I just love it!

Inside the drawer with it's Tiffany's blue & black liner!
I'm simply in love with my newly painted dresser and can't wait to takle the next project for our bedroom (painting the doors black, trust me it's not as morbid as it sounds... You'll see!)

Total cost on refinishing the dresser was $47.41. Now you might be a little confused as to why the knobs we'ren't tallied into the final count but we had a gift card for Home Depot from our House Warming / Engagement party so the knobs were more of a gift than purchase! SCORE!

So thank you Jess & family for the contribution to ravamping my wonderful dresser! 
I thought today would be a productive Saturday. After all we did wake up at 7:30... I really shouldn't know what 7:30am looks like on a Saturday...

We had to go to the DMV, Greg's work to band some skids and I wanted to get my prescription updated on my glasses....

But little did I know the stupidity that was to follow at the DMV (I know nothing new...) since we have purchased the house I figured what the heck I should update my address on my drivers license and state ID. We made sure we have two pieces of mail with our new address and of course our IDs... patiently waited in line I lucked out and went up first this is where everything began to do downhill....

The guy informed me I had a "D Restriction" on my license. After giving him the typic O.o look I asked what that was.... You won't even believe what it is... Apparently a "D Restriction" stands for a person with a prosthetic limb. Now don't get me wrong I have NOTHING against people with one however I DO NOT have one... After the guy told me I backed up from the counter looked down at my body and said "Last time I checked I walked in on my own legs & my arms are real..." this is when he got his supervisor... She informed me that the only way to rectify the situation was to retake my drivers test as this restriction had been on my license since 2005 (...yeah lady my limbs magically grew back since then... -_- ) I informed her how ridiculous this was and clearly it was a type on a clerks part as A) I have no clue till this moment I had the restriction and B) I CLEARLY didn't have a prosthetic body part. She called some random person and asked if "Springfield was open" then hung up and said "Yes, you have to retake you road test" ...Of course whoever was on the phone knew EXACTLY  what was going on by you asking if Springfield was open....

This is when I said this is absolutely ridiculous I don't have time today to retake my road test (let alone I couldn't because we were in Gregory's car) She then informed me that I could change my address and just leave the restriction on but if I were to get pulled over I could get my licenses suspended... Yes I totally lied that I have a fake limb to get the restriction..  At this point I threw my arms in the air and said forget it that is was absolutely absurd and I wasn't doing anything and we left...

After that waste of time (well not for Gregory, he was able to get his stuff correct no restrictions or issues...) we headed to his work and knocked all the skids out. In between banding I managed to schedule my appointment at The Crystal Bride to schedule my second wedding dress appointment where my family, Greg's family & bridal party will be there to see my dress and played phone tag with LensCrafters....

Apparently they couldn't find our insurance but I knew the took our insurance and after an hour of back and forth we we're able to get it situated and I was able to get my new glasses.


And in true Audrey fashion I gravitated to the Tiffany & Co. brand <3. Greg said the frames reminded him of the 50's so that made it all the more better!

I've been eyeing these frames since March and finally decided I was done squinting and not being able to see things at a distance... I couldn't be any happier.

This definitely made up for the stupidity that is the DMV.

I'm also super excited for my lazy Sunday! Me and Gregory decided to have a lazy relaxing day after our busy day. We're going to wake up when ever well... we wake up (LOL), have some bacon and cinnamon rolls (don't ask I think it sounds amazing!) and spend the day watching Ghost Whisper (Adore Jennifer Love Hewitt!) and playing Minecraft (Yes, I am a gaming nerd! Minecraft name: HollyGolightly87) If anyone reading plays let me know maybe I'll hop on your server and play for a bit!

So here we have the final product on my attempt to recreate my previous posts recipe of Bacon Cheese Soup. Over all I thought it was good but it was definitely a BACON cheese soup.

Now don't get me wrong, I love bacon as much as the next person... Okay lets be serious I LOVE bacon! I swear we have a connection and as long as its in my tummy on both Saturday & Sundays we are smooth sails! But the flavor I was searching for just wasn't in this recipe.

As Gregory said it was a "bacon cheese soup" and I wanted more of a "cheese bacon soup". So the hunt continues in the quest for the perfect cheesy bacony soup!
Last weekend I had the pleasure of trying Bacon Cheese soup at a restaurant off the lake in Wisconsin. While the service was awful the soup was DELICIOUS so I set off to see if I could hunt up a recipe to make it at home.

I had a bit of trouble finding a recipe (most were bacon potato cheese soups) I was finally able to find one to try! Hoping to make this yummy soup for Sunday's dinner! I'll report on the final results!

Bacon Cheese Soup
Photo Credit: Mom's With Crockpots

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes

  • 8 slices bacon
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1/2 cup shredded carrots
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • 1/4 teaspon dry mustard powder
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 teaspoon white wine Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 (13 ounce) can evaporated milk
  • 2 cups milk
  • 2 cups shredded American cheese
  1. In a large saucepan, cook bacon until crisp over medium heat, turning frequently. Remove bacon to paper towels to drain, crumble and set aside.
  2. Remove all but 2 tablespoons of drippings from saucepan. 
  3. Add butter to saucepan along with carrots and onion.
  4. Cook over medium hear for 3-4 minutes until crisp and tender, stirring frequently.
  5. Add flour, mustard, salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce.
  6. Cook until bubbly, about 2-3 minutes
  7. Add both kinds of milk and cook until soup has thickened a bit, about 10 minutes.
  8. Stir in cheese until melted.
  9. Stir in crumbled bacon and serve.
Serves: 4

Recipe Credit:
Well it's sunday night and I'm back from a fabulous weekend of being at Winthrop Harbor. This is our second year being able to go and while it wasn't as crazy as last year we definitely enjoyed our selves again! I mean who doesn't enjoy getting to play on boats that cost more than peoples houses?!

Saturday morning starting off with going to to Gregory's work to help get some stuff situated so he didn't have to worry about it during the week but after that it was off for some fun! Of course after a stop to Target because we we're a bit of space cadets in the morning and forgot pillows, blankets and towels. Oh, and our iPhone chargers! WOOPS! But a quick stop at Target fixed that so it was back in route to the harbor.

Now each year the harbor does a venetian night where the boats can deck themselves out in lights and decor to fit the theme. This years theme was cartoons and while Snoopy & Scooby Doo were the most popular of cartoons to pick there was a Sponge Bob Square Pants boat and an Aladdin boat to! It was really fun!

Scooby Doo & Ghostbusters Theme Sail Boat

Peanuts Themed Sail Boat
We were a bit nervous that we weren't going to get to see the boats because a crazy storm rolled in so quick it wasn't even funny!

But the storm passed quickly and with it the heat! We were able to enjoy to still enjoy the evening with the help of a blanket to keep us warm!

On Sunday, we got to head to the other pier and check out all the boats that were for sale... I can't even begin to explain how crazy it is to look at a boat and do the typical "ooo" & "ahhh" till you look at the price tag! I'm talking about these boats started at $500,000 and got up to $980,000! And honestly who wouldn't want to take a look at a boat that cost that much?! So of course I went exploring!

Wanna know what $980,000 looks like?!

That beauty of a boat is a 45 foot house on water with granite counters, hardwood floors sun deck and all types of additional to make it feel like a home. I personally just stared in awe at the fact I was standing on a million dollar boat after tax kicked in!

After wondering the boats we headed back and took a rather bumpy cruise on Lake Michigan where we stopped for lunch in Racine, WI at some restaurant named Jack's or something along the lines of that where the food was decent and the service was just HORRIBLE... I don't even want to get into how much of a mess cause I'll just get angry again...

Any who!

After a lovely weekend we are now finally at home and were able to sit on our new patio for a little bit before we came inside to just sit around. It was fabulous!

Pretty new patio!
Now I think I'm gonna curl up on the couch and watch a movie before it's back to the grind of the work week!