Dresser ReVamp

This past week I have been working on refinishing a dress that has been in the family for quite some time. It started out as my dad's childhood dresser in a dark brown wood color, got to my sister where she painted it white... along with spilled everything imaginable on it as well as putting stickers on it... (Don't get me started on that...) and is now finally to me, where I've decided to paint it black to match the color scheme we've decided to go with in our master bedroom (black & white).

*Correction: The dresser was originally my Great Grandma Sophie's*

My inspiration started with Pinterest as it seems all my random "OOOOO I gotta try that" ideas come from.

source: Johnny Egg

I absolutely loved how the pink gave you a POP of color while still keeping the dresser looking chic & classy plus, refinishing the dresser meant I didn't have to look at the stained sticker residue white dresser anymore!

I'm not really a fan of pink so I decided to go with a Tiffany's blue. I had a gallon of the color from my friend Jess on a rehab project she had worked on and didn't have a use the the paint any longer (WOOHOO free paint)

Here's the dresser before:
Sad stained white dresser

Sticker residue & original wood color on drawer
I even pulled out the power tools for this one (I kidnapped my dad's tools haha!)

They let me use power tools! .:evil grin:.
I power sanded off most of the white paint except for the tiny areas where the sander wouldn't reach. That's where I had to go to Lowe's and get some sanding blocks (60 grit & 180 grit $4.48 each) as well as picking up the black paint (I purchased Olympic paint in the color Black Ice in a high gloss($28.97) and black drawer liner ($5.47). This trip cost me $47.41 (Holy crap paint was expensive!)

Sanded & naked dresser - Front

Sanded & naked dresser - Side
Here's what the dresser looked like after finished the hand sanding and sponge cleaning all the dust and debris off of it. I decided to paint the backs of the drawers first with the Tiffany's blue as I was feeling a bit iffy and scared of the black paint (HARDEST THING TO PAINT IS BLACK...)

Accenting the drawers with Tiffany's Blue

Two coats of paint and we were sitting on easy street... okay maybe not but it was definitely starting to take shape and I was really starting to get excited! Now came the time for the black paint. It was pretty nerve racking painting the dresser black because if you had to much paint on the roller it looked streaky and globby and if you had to little paint it was streaky and patchy... (Yes, I've now made globby a word) I was finally able to find a routine that worked for the paint and proceeded to put 3 coats of paint on the dresser it self while the drawers only needed 2. While the dresser & drawers were painting me and my mom set off to Home Depot where I picked up the dresser knobs ($19.95 for a 10 pack, I only needed 8 but I now have 2 extra "in case" knobs)

Simple satin nickel knobs
This morning I installed the knobs and Gregory helped me bring the dresser back upstairs. Here's the final look!

Newly painted dresser back in its home!

The Tiffany's Blue POP of color! I just love it!

Inside the drawer with it's Tiffany's blue & black liner!
I'm simply in love with my newly painted dresser and can't wait to takle the next project for our bedroom (painting the doors black, trust me it's not as morbid as it sounds... You'll see!)

Total cost on refinishing the dresser was $47.41. Now you might be a little confused as to why the knobs we'ren't tallied into the final count but we had a gift card for Home Depot from our House Warming / Engagement party so the knobs were more of a gift than purchase! SCORE!

So thank you Jess & family for the contribution to ravamping my wonderful dresser! 

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  1. Ohh YAYYY!!! I'm so happy that paint got put to good use! It turned out BEAUTIFULLY! Great job! I totally love it. Very Audrey ;-)