November 1?!?!?!

Anyone else completely blown away by the fact is is ALREADY November 1st? Where did this year go?!

I had a great Halloween and am looking forward to the next coming holiday! Thanksgiving has to be one of my favorite holidays! Don't get me wrong I adore Halloween with the costumes and candy and Christmas has so much fun to be had with decorating and wrapping gifts and family but Thanksgiving is all about the food and giving thanks!

There's no special trimmings or decor, its not about what you bought someone or how big of a candy bar you got. It's all about getting together with your family and eating. How can you go wrong?

I always feel like every year this holiday get over looked and Christmas seems to come into the picture earlier and earlier. I mean they had christmas decorations out in July!!!! I mean seriously JULY?! We hadn't even had the 4th of July yet and they had Christmas trees and wreaths set up! WHAT?!?!

I'm not going to lie I'm super excited for Christmas with having the new house and can't wait to decorate for it. I've been Pinteresting for months but you really shouldn't do Christmas decor till at least Black Friday. (In my opinion)

Now if the weather is nice and you want to set your out door decor by all means GO FOR IT! But don't turn it on just yet! We have people in our neighborhood who have Christmas lights up and on already! And Halloween hadn't even passed yet! (Le Sigh)

But for in door decor I definitely think you should wait to put up till after Thanksgiving unless you have certain circumstances that you need to put them up. Like your family is celebrating early because a member of your family is being deployed (God Bless Our Troops) or family from out of town will be in but if you want to decorate just cause I don't know... Why the hell not?! I don't know... I think its just to early.. But to each their own though!

In other news we have our official wedding date! Saturday, September 14, 2013 I will be walking down the aisle and marring my best friend! We met with the Preist Tuesday night and I have to say I'm so excited we have Father Hal doing our ceremony. He is HILARIOUS! And had Gregory and I so excited we are even going to Sunday morning mass. Okay, the Preist did say we had to get more involved with the church but after our meeting I can honestly say I AM excited to go to mass on Sunday.

Tomorrow I'm meeting my mom over at The Holiday Inn to put our downpayment down for our reception hall and lock our date in! The wedding is definitely getting going! I've even started having wedding nightmares... Not that I can say I'm thrilled about it.

Waking up at six in the morning with a horrid stomach ache and cold sweats is never good in my book but Greg is always there to calm me down. I really do love that man!


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