My Pregnancy Story So Far - Finding Out We Were Expecting

For this week's post I decided to talk about how we found out we were expecting! It's nothing to exciting but makes me smile every time I think about it. But lets be honest, this whole pregnancy has made me smile...well minus the puking part... I don't think anyone really enjoys that part! LOL

We knew we wanted to be parents so we had been trying but weren't getting to crazy about it after all the process is still suppose to be fun! ; ) Plus we also decided to take a year off of big events after our wedding. The last few years had been kind of crazy and super busy with buying our house and getting married that we just wanted to take some time to enjoy life as it comes versus having a binder planning something out. (yes, I'm a binder with check lists and notes etc.)

Which brings me to the start of our story, we found out two weeks shy of our one year wedding anniversary that we were expecting which made our one year anniversary so much more special.

My period has never been one to stay on track so I've always monitored it via an app on my phone and have had a "hopeful general idea" when it would decide to show up LOL. The nice thing about the app was it also gave you a estimated ovulation week with your highest ovulation day so we had been using that as a general "hey you should probably get busy" radar (is that TMI? I think its more amusing LOL)

Any way we had decided to spend the weekend of Labor Day up at my in-laws lake house. We had decided to start the weekend out by going to Moretti's for dinner since it was close and I'm obsessed with their chopped chicken salad but while eating our french onion soup (well Greg's I had just discovered that I liked french onion soup so I stole some of his) I started getting really nauseous and almost threw up at our table. Which was weird but we didn't think anything of it really there was the glimmer of "What If?!" but we knew we had tests at home so decided to wait till we got home to try (plus morning pee is most potent! HAHA!)

Fast forward to Monday, September 1st, I woke up and opened the test packaging did my thing and left it on the counter, closed the door and walked away. We decided we'd do it together so I went downstairs and let him know the test was ...thinking?... so after a few minutes we headed up stairs to see what the results were. Being nervous cause we had thought we were pregnant before I wasn't brave enough to look at the test and see a negative so I opted to push Gregory into the bathroom and make him look it the test. He picked the test up off the counter and had this weird look on his face so I thought it was negative and said "it is negative?!" and he said "No" .:queue the holy shit I may be prego brain:. so I asked "is it positive?!" he then showed me the test and said "Yes" and I pretty much repeated the same scene from our proposal and leaped into his arms and cried.

After finally pulling myself together and taking a closer look at the test I saw it said 2-3 weeks pregnant which was another HOLY CRAP moment. I immediately texted Jess with a picture of the test freaking out. But being that I'm over cautious and couldn't believe it just yet Tuesday morning I took another test and got the same results so I knew it was time to call the doctor and by Wednesday, September 3rd we had confirmation we were going to be parents!

We then scheduled our first appointment with the obstetrician and for the first time we got to see our child on September 24th which looked more like a blob hence the "Baby Blob" nickname.

That has to be one of the best feelings I'd experienced by then and have so many more amazing experiences I've as this pregnancy continues. = ]


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