One Month Old

Baby's Weight: 
10lb 9oz (56%)

Baby's Height: 
1' 10.8" (89%)

What size of clothing does baby wear?
3 month

Out grew newborn diapers & clothes. Gained 2+ pounds! Mommy & Me made it to one month of exclusively breast feeding! Going through first mental leap!

Special outings baby had during the month:
Had his first mini vacation for Memorial Day to our in-law's lake house!

What are your thoughts about the past month?
Being a parent isn't easy but it's definitely amazing!

What was baby's routine?
No real set routine but we are starting to get a rhythm of: diaper change, nurse,  nap or if he doesn't fall asleep we'll try tummy time, swing

Reflect about the highlights of the month:
Umbilical cord fell off so we could start cloth diapering, we out grew our newborn diapers and are in our BumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers. We're really starting to enjoy bath time and our swing but still dislike getting our diaper changed. Loves baby wearing! Currently going through his first mental leap (Check out The Wonder Weeks app its nice for helping you know when they're coming!) it has been mostly smooth but yesterday was rough.

Big Changes?
Nathan is getting even better at holding his head up and is really starting to like bath time! We had to adjust his car seat to accommodate the growing boy!

Nathan's favorites:
He loves his Wubba, binkies & tummy time!

It's official after 38 weeks of pregnancy our Little Man had decided he'd been baking enough and wanted to make his move into the world! Monday, April 20th at 3:57 P.M. after 64 hours of "signs of labor" and 21 hours of actual labor Nathaniel decided to grace us with his presence. 

Labor was no cake walk by all means but I'll get into that in another post though. It's crazy to see how much my life has changed since having him. We knew it would, I mean how could it not?! There are days I want to scream and pull my hair out I'm not gonna lie, but the joy of having a little person you know is created out of so much love and looks as cute as he does (I may be a bit bias.. LOL) makes up for the late nights and screaming/crying cause you don't get what he wants right away and that's his only way to tell you. 

Eleanor at first was weary of Nathan but now at four weeks old she watches him like a hawk and if he cries comes running to make sure he's okay.

We've chosen to cloth diaper him and my game plan is to breastfeed him till he's at least a year old. The older he gets the more adorable he gets I swear! I also think he is starting to look more and more like his Daddy which isn't a bad thing at all! Everyone else says he look's like me but either or he's adorable.

I only have 8 weeks of leave to spend with him and while some moments 8 weeks seems like a very long time but more often it's makes me kind of sad to go back to work and miss out on any moment or development he does. It's a learning curve but it's is definitely a blast!