Well seeing as I enjoy blogging a little to much on my beauty blog about my life that I mine as well start a blog regarding my life.

I'm a 25 year old executive assistant with a bachelors degree in graphic design with an amazing fiance and newly purchased home. I blog, twitter and facebook WAY to much so decided to run with it!

Life as we know it... (the last four weeks at least in short)

After purchasing our house on June 21st, we have thrown our selves into making this house into a home. With the ample help from our families we were able to remodel our half bath, paint the whole house and soon we will have a concrete patio to enjoy our backyard more! Current state of our yard offers a small concrete step to walk out into a dry hay like feeling grass because of the lack of rain in the chicago land area...

Our housewarming / engagement party (we've been together 7 years as of yesterday but he proposed on April 20th) is next weekend and we are thrilled to show our family our new home!

More to come, stay tuned for all the crazy & fun times to be had in the DelFabulous Homestead!


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