Meal Planning & Normalcy

So I can honestly say I'm starting to get back into a normal life flow now that we are finishing up on the construction and moving in. This weekend is our housewarming / engagement party so the whole house has to be cleaned top to bottom of course but to me that's easy... Just put some awesome music on blast and get down to the nitty gritty (cleaning that is LOL).

After seeing my girlfriend Jess over at Sparkles & Crafts was explaining to me how she does meal planning so she knows what she's doing for dinner during the week and seeing as we've eaten out at LEAST 3 days a week since buying the house cause of all the chaos I decided this is something I definitely need to start. She had posted a link to Rumbly In My Tumbly on her twitter and needless to say I'm hooked! I can not wait for fall to start trying her baking recipes to!!

Glimpse Into My Night
While sitting eating dinner this evening (home cooked meal versus eating out) I was telling Gregory we should start the meal plan and had some ideas for next weeks meal.

We finally decided on:
Monday :: Chicken Tortilla Soup (crock pot version)
Tuesday :: English Muffin Pizzas
Wednesday :: Lasagna Roll Ups
Thursday :: Chicken Parmasen
Friday :: Steak &  Mashed Potatoes
Saturday :: Stuffed Green Peppers
Sunday :: Splurge or Left Over meal (possibly eat out)

After finalizing what we were eating I set out to make the grocery list for what we would need while searching the ads and what sales they were having and Gregory went out on the motorcycle riding for a bit. Now I'm sitting in my office with my beloved Pumpkin Pie candle from Yankee Candle burning blogging away. Life just feels ...normal... again and I couldn't be any happier!

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  1. Good for you!!! You'll be so grateful when you stick to the plan, it just makes one less thing to worry about every night!!

    ..a candle sounds lovely, I think I'll join you right now with Pineapple Orchid :)