My not so fun day...

So today started off like every other day.. I didn't want to get out of bed when my alarm went off because it seems just way to comfortable and probably because I was up so late playing on my new computer. I got dressed and ready to take on the day and headed out for my drive to work little did I know that I was going to get rear ended at 45 mph... Not so fun.

Luckily no one was seriously hurt and Winston (my Jeep compass) didn't have to much damage as the guy that hit my car ran in to my trailer hitch. I was hit hard enough that my sun glasses flew off my head and my travel mug of coffee came out of the cup holder and exploded coffee everywhere to the point I now have coffee in my back seat. (Not a happy camper) However, the gentleman's car wasn't in such great shape. His airbag went off and the cooling fan was smashed against the motor of the car and the front end buckled out.

Now being 25 years old I can honestly say up until today I have never been in a car accident (at least to my memory its possible as a child I was but they must have been minor cause I don't remember them) and I definitely was a spastic case. Both of us hopped out of our cars asked if each other was okay, called our boss' to let them know what was going on. He called the police while I call Gregory to let him know what was going on then called my parents. I'm proud of my self as I didn't cry but I definitely was shaking like a leaf.

My car you can't really see to much damage there's cracks and gouges in the bumper and my trail hitch is bent. Oh, and I now have a Mazda logo embossed into my bumper as well.

Poor Winston

His sad smashed up hitch cover
Unless you get under the vehicle and take a look you really can't see to much damage my trailer hitch is smashed into my muffler which is making the car sound awful but I guess that's not to bad after all it could have been a lot worse! My parents kept yelling at me cause I was more upset about the fact I had coffee ALL over my interior. I mean its even splattered across my back seat... Not happy about that at all...

But the gentleman that hit me I feel a lot worse for. He just recently bought the car and hasn't even made a payment on it yet! His air bag deployed and his car DEFINITELY looked a lot worse than mine.

Poor smooshed Mazda
After we got all the reports taken care of my parents took me to the hospital because I was starting to feel pain in my neck and back as well as developing a headache. They did the usual x-rays and all that jazz. The doctor said I looked okay that it was just stress to my neck muscles and I would have a bruise on my stomach from the seat belt but I would feel a lot worse tomorrow.. (Oh goodie...)

I have a 9am appointment tomorrow to have my car asses for damage as well as to make sure the guy was at fault... Really?! A) Illinois state law is if you are rear ended the person who hits you is automatically at fault, B) The police officer issues him a ticket for failure to stop and avoid a collision and C) Clearly he was following to closely is he couldn't avoid hitting my vehicle as well as hit admitted the sun hit him in the eyes and he didn't realize I was braking till it was to late. (Don't get me wrong during that time of day the sun does face directly at your windshield when traveling that road but isn't that what visors were put in cars for?) So now begins the battle with insurance companies to get your car repairs but

But I'm drugged up on Valium and some Tylenol extra strength to help with the pain and stiff muscles stuck between feeling to antsy to sit still but feeling tired where all I want to do is sleep. So that's it for now I'm off to bed, good night everyone!

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  1. Omg!!!!! Ann!!! I'm glad ur ok!! Love u!