Purple Blogging Thoughts

It's one of those nights where I just feel like blogging but don't exactly have anything specific to talk about so I figured I'd just start rambling and I'd be bound to come up with something!

It's nice to have some down time again in life where I actual have time to mess with makeup and hair or just sit on Pinterest for hours pinning pin after pin.

Even though it's only Wednesday I do have to say I've had a rather productive week! Gregory helped me build a new desktop PC as my poor Cheeto (mac book pro; don't ask Gregory named him) is really starting to bog down. This is probably due to the fact I am a huge Minecraft dork (Username: HollyGolightly87) and playing it on my laptop even with a fan under the mac it still runs at 182 degrees. So after three blissful years I've retired Mr. Cheeto to just be specifically for travel and we are now on a monster PC. She's been named Audrey even though she is  no where near a girly looking computer but I've never really made any sense with things so it works.

Meet Audrey & all her fun parts...er...yeah?
I've also had a chance to recolor my hair for the fall season... Yeah I know it's still a bit early but I am just way to excited for the fall season to begin! Winter can hold off close to forever but I seriously just love fall! The wonderful colored leaves, caramel apple spices from Starbucks, cute sweaters, boots among other fabulous things!

My original hair color was a faded out red ombre speckled with gray hairs (yes, I am admitting to having gray hairs.. there's no way of hiding them they are there!) 

Before: Faded Red Ombre
After: Purple to Orchid Ombre
 I'm seriously in love with my hair! Only problem is every time I was my hair it looks like a 50lb bag of grapes exploded all over my shower.. Gregory is not happy about it but I've found an easy resolutions to getting the hair dye off the white tub & shower curtain (yes, I have a white shower curtain. They aren't friendly with purple hair dye). I had an old small travel spray bottle that I use to store water in that I never used so I put straight bleach into the spray bottle. Just a few mists on the purple spots in the shower and BAM no more purple! The white shower curtain on the other hand requires washing but nothing my darling washing machine couldn't fix! (Really the best 25th birthday present a girl can ask for! [Yes, I got a washer & dryer for my birthday. I'm weird don't judge me.])

My purple tub... Greg was not so thrilled with this... OOPS
Now this evening Gregory went out with the boys for bike night (motorcycle not bicycle) and I stayed home messing with makeup, hair products, painted my nails and played on my new computer. I love nights like this where we kind of do our own thing but I also love cuddle snuggles nights where we sit on the couch and watch movies or a night of gaming and chatting via computer chat even though we're in opposite rooms from each other (we're weird like that LOL)

I think this helps keeps our relationship strong have our own vices that give us mental breaks but in the end we always take the time to sit or lay and talk to each other about our days. But I'm off to harass Gregory and go to sleep. Sleep well darlings!


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