Feeling Better

It's been a couple days since I went and saw my doctor. We've decided to try a new set of prescriptions to see how they help in the heeling process. He decided to put me on a 21 pill pack of steroids to take the inflammation down and some Tylenol with codeine to help relax me at night when I'm home and not driving.

As its usual with men to find the humor in everything every keeps waiting for me to "Roid Rage" but I have yet to really blow my top. Funny thing is I feel like I'm calmer than usual.

For example: (said in a Hermione Granger voice .:Harry Potter Nerd:.)
Me and Gregory were watching episodes of Ghost Whisper on Netflix the other night via our PlayStation 3 WiFi and it kept stopping and rebuffing because the connection was being stupid. Normally I'd be the one screaming and threatening to beat the console to a bloody pulp. However, steroid induced Ann Marie continued to lay on the couch in a "No Fucks Were Given" attitude while Gregory huffed and puffed. I thought the irony was quite funny.

I've been on the steroids four days now and thought everything was hunky-dory. I'm moving a lot better and haven't had any back spasms. I didn't even need to take a Tylenol with codeine last night.. However this afternoon at work had other ideas in mind. I started to get back spasms to the point my teeth hurt it was pretty awful. Luckily I had some Advil Liquid Gels that shut them up.

Once I got home the wonderful Murphy's law "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". I walked in the door and proceeded to drop my travel coffee mug on the floor (which of course still had coffee from this morning in it) and it exploded ALL over the utility room... After throwing the mug quite forcefully into the trash I mopped up the mess and hide in my Woman Cave (a.k.a. office) till I calmed down.

Few hours later Gregory came home and asked if I had spilled anything as he was stuck to the utility room floor... Apparently I didn't do to good of a mop up job so I re-mopped and all was well again.

Now I'm relaxing eating a small bowl of Cookies-N-Cream ice cream letting a fresh coat of polish (OPI - Lincoln Park After Midnight) dry so I can curl up in bed and prepare for another new day of adventures.

I guess the moral of today's story is:
"Don't let everything rest on your shoulders, somethings just have to roll off."

Good night!


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