Life after a car accident...

It's been just over a week after my accident and I really haven't been posting much. For never being in a car accident where I was driving I can honestly say it would make my life easier if I could still be ignorant to life after one...

Constantly looking in my rear view mirror hoping to God the person coming up behind you will stop, the new pains I'm experiencing in my neck, back and legs, the doctors appointments, icy-hot patches, pills, strange dreams, weird emotions and the random spurts of tears...

I seriously sound like an emotion wreak even to me as I read the words I'm writing. Now don't get me wrong. I'm beyond lucky & blessed. I have a wonderful loving fiance, a gorgeous new home, friends & family who love me, a full time job etc.

But the stress that becomes your life after an accident can really take its toll on you mentally. You don't really think "Oh great now I have to make sure my car gets fixed, make sure there isn't some kind of permanent damage done to my body, how is my work going to take this?" You also don't really think that any random thing will induce you to tears...

Directly after the car accident your mind goes into shock and you pretty much go into auto-pilot. I got out of the car asked the gentleman who rear ended me if he was okay. We both called our employers informing them we were in a car accident and would keep you posted. The fire truck, ambulance and police car pull up (fire truck & ambulance come when an air bag goes off [His went off not mine])  You explain to the police officer what happened, thank the firemen and paramedics as they leave. As the shock wears off you start to feel the effects of the car accident as your waiting for the report. Explain to the officer your neck hurts, back and where your seat belt sits is sore across your stomach. You go to the ER directly from the scene re-explain everything to the nurse that happened, take x-rays, the Dr. says everything looks okay that you'll feel worse tomorrow but if the pain gets worse come back. What you don't think / hope is that the pain will get worse...

Now we fast forward to today nine days after my accident. Wake up with a horrid neck pain and another strange dream. You have another follow up appointment with your doctor cause when you sit for to long your right leg and right arm goes numb, the back & neck spasms haven't lessened, you get shooting pains in your knee and all together you just feel like crap.

I'm not normally a babbling crying mess but I feel like I really am lately.. Gregory and I decided to do a Ghost Whisper & pizza marathon the other night just cause I really didn't want to get off the couch because I felt like crap (hate to use that word again but trying to not swear = X) Greg's always had back pains so he suggests laying out on the floor that it always helps him... You lay out on the floor and the second your tail bone touches the floor your lower half of your body becomes pins and needles..

Sitting here now typing my leg has falling asleep and my right finger tips are starting to go numb but I have to get it out. I just feel like I HAVE to write about it. Maybe it will wipe the slate clean?

I'm worried that today at my doctors appointment I'll be sent for blood work (I'm such a baby when it comes to getting blood taken *shudders*) or an MRI / Cat-Scan. I know these are things just to make sure everything is okay but I just want to be okay. I want the whole thing to be over.

I want Winston to be sitting in my driveway.
I want to be able to walk normal cause the pain makes me walk strange.
I want to not have the stress of miss work to take care of something from the accident.
I want life to be back to normal again...

I know this is really only the beginning but I just have to keep my head high and know this is only going to make me stronger and I WILL get through this.

Words of Wisdom to Live By:


  1. I understand how you felt after that accident because even when physical wounds have been healed, psychological trauma has been left behind by these kinds of accidents. But I still hope for your happiness, and just continue to be at your best, Ann! =) BTW, did you consult a personal injury lawyer to help you obtain claims for caused by this accident?

    Nannie Leick

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