Liebster Blog Award

I was nominated for an award you guys! I have to admit I'm pretty excited about it! My awesome sauce friend Jess from Sparkles & Crafts! Thanks so much darling! Starbucks soon?! HAHA!<3

Here are the Liebster Blog Award rules:
  1. Answer the blogger’s eleven questions
  2. Think of eleven questions of your own
  3. Choose eleven worthy bloggers (who have fewer than 200 followers) to interview and pay it forward.

I've come to discover I don't really have a lot of active bloggers I follow with under 200 followers...
I'll have to fix that! However,
I nominate:

Jess's Questions:
1. As a writer, what is one goal you hope to accomplish?      
To share my store with the world. Something goofy, fun or strange is always going on in my life and I love to share!
2. Why did you start your blog? 
I started writing a Fashion/Makeup blog (Nski Beauty) to go along with my YouTube channel and wanted to broaden my horizon and start blogging about my life. Plus I figured it be a good way to
remember life and have something to show my children when we have them.
3a. What book are you reading currently? 
I'm actually reading a few books at the moment. Nora Roberts: Mysterious & Irish Hearts and Diana Palmer Wyoming Tough
3b. Are you enjoying it? 
When I remember that I am reading them and take the time to sit and read I always enjoy it. It's a nice mental reprieve and lets my imagination run wild!
4. When you're on a date with your SO, what type of movie are you most likely to see? 
Hmmm, it depends on how pouty I get. LOL If there's a chick flick or something along those lines a bit out pouty lip & batting my eyelashes will get him to sit through the movie. But if we decided to hit the movies for a random date night we usually gravitate towards action movies.
5. Other than your SO, who captures your heart? 
CORGIS! Family and friends OH and CORGIS! LOL
6. What is your all-time favorite blog post (written by yourself or others)? 
I'd have to say it's my Dresser ReVamp! I was so excited with how it turned out and smiley every morning when I grab a shirt from it!
7. How does your SO support you and your writing (if not, why not)? 
Honestly, I think he thinks I'm nuts but that's the recipe for a perfect relationship. You have to love the
 person for who they are and lets face it. I am kind of crazy! HAHA!

8. If you could be in any movie as leading actress, what movie would it be & who is playing your counter part?
Hmmm, I'd have to say Disney's Tangled. A) Who wouldn't love having all that hair?! B) Experiencing
the world with a pair of fresh eyes seems so amazing and C) Because Flynn reminds me so much of
Gregory I crack up every time I watch the movie!

9. What is one trip you hope to go on someday? 
This is the simplest question for me to answer. I have always dreamed of one day going to Paris. I
guess I'm just a sucker for romance. Le Sigh.

10. What advice did your mom give you growing up that stuck with you throughout the years? 
"Don't mess with my babies" I'm always grown up where if anyone messed with me or my sister my mom would throw down the gauntlet. You don't mess with her kids. I'm pretty sure that's why I am the way I am when anyone messes with the people I love. I don't like it and I make it very apparent that I don't.

11. Finish this statement, "Five years ago, I never thought I would..."
Own a house, be engaged playing a wedding and picking out a corgi! LOL

Ann Marie's Questions:
  1. What motivated you to start writing a blog?
  2. Quick you only have 10 minutes before you have to be out the door! What are you HAVE to dos?
  3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  4. What is one of your favorite bloggers?
  5. Instagram? Love or Hate it?
  6. Coffee or Tea?
  7. Cooking or Baking?
  8. Favorite makeup brand?
  9. What is one website you are always on?
  10. What is one of your current goals?
  11. If you could change your name to be anything would you? What would you change it to?


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