1st Christmas in our New Home

So as most of you know this will the first Christmas in our new house! To say I'm excited doesn't even begin to cover it! Not only will their be an adorable corgi butt under our tree this year but that tree will be in a place that we own... well will own in 30 years or so lol but its really OUR place. That alone makes Christmas a magic time.

But I do have to admit trying to decorate our house was well... kind of a nightmare. I was far to excited the morning of Black Friday to decorate the while Gregory was out with his Dad and sister picking out real Christmas trees for their homes (We unfortunately can not have a real tree as I'm allergic to pine) so Gregory and I are stuck with the fake ones!

The first thing I attempted to tackle was the tree... We lucked out as the previous home owner left their pre-lite white light 7ft tree and our original tree was a hand-me-down from my parents who got it from my aunt and uncle... Yeah, I don't even know how old the tree is but it is surprisingly in amazing shape but doesn't offer the luxury of being pre-lite and seeing as I'm a whopping 5'1" and was home alone attempting to string lights on the tree would have been rather comical for someone watching and probably frustrating to the point I'd more than likely end up tackling the tree and throwing it out in the yard... [Can you tell I have amazing patience?]

So after hauling the tree out from under the stairs and getting all the Christmas bins in to our living room I pulled the tree out and started to shape the lower third of the tree.

Pre-shaped tree with only one section plugged in.
Once I finished that I moved to the 2nd third of the tree and realized why the original home owners left the tree... After two... Yes, TWO hours of searching I realized that the tree had two plugs instead of the usual connectors that link the tree all together then you use only ONE plug to light the whole tree up... Instead I had to fully shape the tree and twine an extension cord into the tree to get the whole tree to light up...

2nd section plug... seriously?!
I really hope the person who made our tree got fired after that incident... I'm not kidding when I say I still have battle wounds from trying to scour the tree looking for the connector plug! But after much patience and a couple times of walking away from the tree to avoid throwing it out the window I solved the problem with my good old extension cord! LOL

Our pretty pretty Christmas tree!
Next project I decided to tackle was decorating our stairs, one of the main reasons I fell in love with out house! I had previously hit up Wal-Mart with my mom a couple days before [I am not one of those brave souls that go shopping Black Friday] We picked up some pre-lite white garland. I decided to start at the top of the stairs and after getting the first section up I decided it looked more like I was attempting a Charlie Brown Christmas than a "Hey, its our first Christmas deck the hell out of the halls" feel...

Pitiful looking right?!
So I went back to the drawing board and remembered we had some pre-lite garland Gregory's grandma had given us our first year in the apartment and hauled that out.

Much better right?!
Night time view
Teaches me to go the cheap route when getting decor huh? After I straightened out the top railing mess I worked my way down the stairs and came up with this combination of things...

Cute right?!
I have to say I'm pretty proud of my set up, I even attacked my kitchen with decorations nothing to crazy but just a little hint of Christmas cheer!

Subtle & Cute

A few other decorations I set our around the house were my Holiday vase which I opted for Pine cones  ornaments (my aunt bought me) and a small 25 strand of white lights. As well as two battery operated pillar candles.

This little guy was another decorations Gregory's Grandma gave us. Pretty adorable right? You slide his broom forward to power it on and he lights up in different colors (red, white & green)

And my last and final decor has to be one of my favorite! I absolutely adore Snoopy and my mother-in-law found us this darling nightlight!

To cute right?! Well that's about it for my Christmas decor! What do you guys do to decorate for the Holidays? I'd love to see, I'm always looking for new ideas & inspiration!


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