Corgi Momma Drama

Remember November 4th when I said our family would be getting bigger? Turns out this would be the beginning of a nightmare...

November 4th, we sent a breeder a deposit to secure our position in a littler of Pembroke Welsh Corgi to be picked up December 22nd.

November 8th, we received our receipt for our deposit which stated:
"By signing below you, are placing a Non Refundable deposit to hold 1 Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy. You, by place this Non Refundable deposit do agree to accept this Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy on this date 11-5-12. Full price of this puppy is [agreed upon price]. Previous deposit of [our deposit amount]. Balance owing is [remaining amount for pup]. Puppy must be picked up no later than 12-22-12. Time to be picked up T.B.D. If puppy is not picked up on 12-24-12 said puppy will be resold and any and all deposits will be forfeited."

There was more but you get the gist. On Sunday, November 10th, I contacted our breeder and asked her if Mom had given birth yet and she informed me no but she expected them any day. Tuesday,  November 12th she called to inform me that the mom has gone in to labor Monday night and lost all the puppies due to complications...


I immediately called Gregory in hysterical tears telling him our little Eleanor had died... He brought me home my favorite Starbucks drink and even went and got me a piece of Portillo's chocolate cake. For anyone who hasn't had it before lets just say its... well OUT OF THIS WORLD DELICIOUS! But I had absolutely no interest in it.

To say I was heart broken didn't even begin to explain the depth of my sadness. I'd been dreaming of a corgi going on two years now and with finally having the house that dream was suppose to come true... The breeder had told me on Tuesday that if I wanted to wait for the next litter I could or we could have our deposit returned. I explained to her I did have to talk to my fiance and that I would get back to her on Wednesday.

After speaking with Gregory and my aunt who was a dachshund breeder for many years we decided to get our deposit back. Why might you ask did I want my deposit back? Let me explain.

After speaking with my aunt she said that not only was the breeder breaking AKC rules but also State & Federal laws by selling a puppy to be picked up at 5 weeks old. As well as there should have been no reason all the pups in the litter should have died. There were anywhere from 5-7 pups in the litter and you have a 2-hour window between puppy births. She said the first pup got stuck and they couldn't dislodge the puppy till later and by then all the pups had died and Mom had tore internally. Now how is it possible that if you took the Mom to an emergency vet did you lose ALL the puppies?! We we're starting to think that these puppies never even existed...


Wednesday evening I called the breeder and informed her that we didn't want to wait till the next litter for a puppy and wanted our deposit back. This is when she said that it was a non refundable deposit. (And where the "bitch" side of Ann wanted to escape but I reeled her in) I calmly explained to her that it was absurd she was trying to refuse to return our deposit that we weren't backing out of wanted a puppy but that there was no puppy to pick up because it had died (supposedly) and she had agreed to give us our deposit back Tuesday night. She replied with you signed a contract agreeing to a non refundable deposit. I said you also said I'd be able to pick my pup up on December 22nd which now couldn't happen. I also informed her that if she didn't return my deposit I would be contacting PayPal to get my deposit back. They then said they'd had to go to the bank and get a money order to mail out as the money was no longer in their Paypal account. (Funny how quickly they were to pull the money our of the account...) then HUNG UP ON ME! Now I can understand you being mad because you were out a large sum of money but it was your own fault that the transaction couldn't be complete not mine. You should have handled this like a mature adult.

Now let me also clarify some things on her supposed "contract"...
  1. The document in question was a RECEIPT as she labeled it on the paper
  2. I didn't sign any document she had new owner labeled as "Per Pay Pal" 
  3. Nor was my name any where on the paper.
  4. The document also states that I'd be picking my puppy up on December 22nd.
Now if there's no puppy to pick up because of fault on the breeder their "contract" was already voided. This piece of paper wouldn't hold up in a court of law either. In fact if I wanted to, I could take the breeder to court and well how do politely say SCREW THEIR ENTIRE WORLD UP?

Not only is it a 18 month to 3 year jail sentence for selling a puppy under 8 weeks old as they would be just shy of 6 weeks. Not even weened off of mother's milk! But they was also refusing to return money on a transaction they couldn't complete. As well as violating AKC rules, so their AKC license can also be revoked permanently.

All I can say is THANK GOD I emailed the breeder November 10th asking about the birth of the pups because I now have a time stamped document clearly stating the pups weren't born yet.

On Thursday, November 15th I called them to see if they had gone to the bank and mailed the money order but of course they didn't answer my call. A few hours later I received an email saying:

"I will resolve the issue as soon as I can, and will contact you when it has been completed....."

Now I don't know about you but after everything that had happened I didn't trust the vagueness of their email. So I responded with:

"I would greatly appreciative a date I will have my [deposit amount] returned."

then later added:

"I appreciate you trying to work with me however I do have a hold on another a puppy and need the money returned by Wednesday of next week (November 21, 2012) the latest so I can deliver the money to the new breeder by Friday.

Thank you,
Ann Marie"

As of Saturday, November 17th the breeder claimed to be sending my money back via money order in the mail. I'm giving them 3 business days for the money order to show up before I peruse action through my attorney.


I just want everyone to be careful! Don't just go with the first breeder you find online. Make sure you go out to the breeder, look at the grounds the pups are growing up at. And most importantly DO NOT give a breeder any money till you have laid eyes on the pups your self! No reputable breeder should even accept your money till you've picked them out. Let alone till after they are born!


Remember how I told the breeder I had another puppy I needed the money for? Well my Aunt had spoke to a breeder a couple months ago for me that a mutual breeder friend of her knew and recommend and she had also spoken to herself. Had put me on her waiting list and had puppies born and ready to come home December 7th and I was 2nd on their waiting list!!!! So next Saturday, November 24th, I will be making the journey to Indiana to meet our future fur ball daughter of a corgi! (If the first person on the list can make it before us other wise it will be a little bit after that) where we get to meet the dad and play with our little Eleanor! I can't even begin to explain how happy and grateful I am that my aunt found this breeder!

Pictures and updates of our adorable addition soon but I can't begin to stress how careful you should be when picking out a furry new addition to your family! You don't want to end up heartbroken & out a lot of money from the wrong sort!


  1. Better post those updates/photos pronto to let your readers know what's going on!! ;-)