Meet Eleanor!

You know how I told you guys we found a new breeder and we're going to meet our furry little daughter?! Well the day has come, I can finally show you guys the newest addition to the DelFab family!

Introducing the cutest furry corgi butt around Eleanor!

We made the 3 hour journey last Saturday to Kemptin, Indiana where I was able to choose between two darling female corgi pups! Let me tell you this was not an easy decision!!

I mean look at those faces!!! Would you be able to decide?!?! After an hour of playing with the pups we decided that our little Eleanor was going to be the pup on the left. The one of the right was darling but she was quite the voice-tress and attention grabbing pup we were worried that with us both working we wouldn't be able to give her all the attention she'd need. I mean look at her!

Such a little ham right?!

But after a LOT of thinking and after telling Gregory we just need to get both and he declined that idea [Hey, I tried!] we decided it was best to go with the other corgi pup as she was content keeping her self busy and didn't need constant attention. I mean don't get me wrong, Eleanor will hands down be probably one of the most spoiled pups on the planet but with Gregory and I working full time and Gregory sometimes working close to 60-hours or more a week we wanted her to be some what independent.

She's already knows that Daddy is a total push over and is already walking all over him! LOL I'm so glad that after the nightmare and difficult path we went down that we were able to find a new breeder who is AMAZING! She was a normal person who showed us the grounds, let us meet Mamma Corgi & Daddy Corgi both of which were super friendly and totally ready to cuddle! Several months back I had an incident with a doberman and was bit so I have to admit I've been kind of skittish when it comes to meeting new dogs but all her dogs were super super friendly and were very excited to be pet! Hands down dealing with our new breeder was amazing! This is how it should have gone! 

If you're looking for a corgi pup and don't mind heading out to Indiana I recommend going to Beth & Dennis Stewart of Stewart Quarter Horses! They're friendly and raise amazing pups!!! Our little Eleanor comes home in just 8 short days and I hope you are all prepared for the millions of pictures and post of our darling little corgi that is sure to come! But before I head out how about another adorable sleepy Eleanor pic?! Okay, if you insist! LOL


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