Goodbye 2012 ... Hello 2013

Happy New Year everyone! I know I've been MIA for quiet a while. Life has been hectic to say the least! With the holiday (we have to go to 4 Christmas events), being sick and getting little miss Eleanor my life has seriously been a complete blur! But I mean look at this face! She just demands attention! LOL

Little Miss Eleanor
I've made a vow to myself to get back on track with filming and my fashion blog as I've been neglecting it a LOT lately. I mean I hadn't filmed a video since the beginning of October! But I am back on track and have been uploading a video a week well at least for the last two weeks.

Having a cold is really putting a damper on things as I feel exhausted and ready for bed just a few hours from wake up. This could also be because Eleanor picks and chooses when and how long she feels like letting us sleep. I swear she's like having a real child! (Not that I would exactly know but it seriously feels like it) Luckily Gregory has been an angel and gets up with her and lets me sleep when he can! We did figure out that she sleeps later if we put her in our bed. (Spoiled brat I know.) But if simply putting her between us gives us an extra 2-3 hours of sleep your damn straight that's where she'll sleep. We are crate training her but shes hardly ever in it. Once she's completely trained we plan to ditch the crate but for now she's just in it when we are at work during the day. If we go out for dinner or running errands we just put baby gates up to keep her in her room. (Yes, Eleanor has her own room... I told you she was spoiled LOL)

Christmas is a chaotic time for Gregory & I as we have four events to go to between Christmas Eve & Christmas Day... I was lucky to have the day after Christmas off from work this year THANK GOD!

Christmas Eve we go to Greg's Dad's side of the family first then head over to my Dad's side of the family luckily this year was at my parent's house so there wasn't so much traveling. Christmas Day we started off  by having Eleanor opening her presents from Santa Paws. Yes, Santa visited our house this year! (I'm crazy it's okay we both know it.) then got our stuff together and headed over to Greg's parents house where we opened gifts and had breakfast. After a few hours we got ready and headed over to his Mom's side of the family lunch/dinner thing and then finally ended up at my parent's again for just a family dinner. All of this with Eleanor in tow as everyone wanted to get a look at the newest addition to the family!

New Year's Eve I woke up with a cold that still hasn't gone away. We decided to keep it simple and hung out with our friends Korey & Amanda. We went to White Chocolate Grill for dinner which was an interesting thing on to it self.

We decided last minute to go there for dinner so couldn't make reservations because of this we waited two hours and ten minutes ... Yes, we waited that long! Luckily we were able to have some appetizer and drinks while waiting. I have to admit it was worth the wait. The steak I had easily had to be one of the best I've ever had that I can remember! Seriously DELICIOUS! Then we headed back to our place and watched New York's ball drop then switched over to watch Chicago's count down...

Can I just saw Chicago's count down show is just TERRIBLE! Seriously its kind of pathetic when you go from New York's show with the glamours crystal ball and big name acts to Chicago's show with a bunch of older people ball room dancing to random no name cover bands filmed in low def quality... It really is just sad...

I barely made it to midnight as the cold was kicking my butt but we did get to play a couple games before the clock struck 12! We played Uno and Apples to Apples. Riveting right for a bunch of people all within the legal age to drink?! But I can honestly say I enjoyed my self even with my cold.

Now we're heading into week two of the new year and I am thinking about all the wonderful things that are going to take place this year and reflecting on all the things that happened last year.

Last year easily had to be one of the best years of my life! Gregory proposed after seven years of dating, we bought a house and my corgi mom dreams came true with purchasing Eleanor!

Next year promises to be even more amazing as I get to walk down the aisle and marry my best friend and begin my life as Mrs. DelFabulous!


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