One Month At A Time - Nathaniel Gregory

One Month Old

Baby's Weight: 
10lb 9oz (56%)

Baby's Height: 
1' 10.8" (89%)

What size of clothing does baby wear?
3 month

Out grew newborn diapers & clothes. Gained 2+ pounds! Mommy & Me made it to one month of exclusively breast feeding! Going through first mental leap!

Special outings baby had during the month:
Had his first mini vacation for Memorial Day to our in-law's lake house!

What are your thoughts about the past month?
Being a parent isn't easy but it's definitely amazing!

What was baby's routine?
No real set routine but we are starting to get a rhythm of: diaper change, nurse,  nap or if he doesn't fall asleep we'll try tummy time, swing

Reflect about the highlights of the month:
Umbilical cord fell off so we could start cloth diapering, we out grew our newborn diapers and are in our BumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers. We're really starting to enjoy bath time and our swing but still dislike getting our diaper changed. Loves baby wearing! Currently going through his first mental leap (Check out The Wonder Weeks app its nice for helping you know when they're coming!) it has been mostly smooth but yesterday was rough.

Big Changes?
Nathan is getting even better at holding his head up and is really starting to like bath time! We had to adjust his car seat to accommodate the growing boy!

Nathan's favorites:
He loves his Wubba, binkies & tummy time!


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