Weekly Meal Planning - January 9th - 15th

With the new year rolling in I wanted to get back into weekly meal planning and start to get the family on more of a schedule. I'm a planner I always feel better when I know what's going on and have a system worked out. Since we got back from our vacation in Gatlinburg, TN I haven't really been on top of meal planning. And granted we're a couple weeks into the year but I hit up Aldi and bought what felt like the entire store getting me set for close to a months worth of dinners.

Here's this week's meals:

I'm trying my hand at a few new recipes this week. The lemon garlic dump chicken was okay but I think my problem is I prepped the chicken after it was frozen (I partially defrosted it then prepped it and threw it back in the freezer) so I'm sure that affected the flavor.

Tonight's recipe is a garlic & thyme bottom round roast with mash potatoes and green beans. But I have to admit I'm pretty jazzed to try Saturday's dinner and am really hoping it turns out!

What's something you want to make sure you stick with into the new year?


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