Time To Make A Change...

In about a month from now I'll be coming up on 32 years on this earth, I've had a lot of thoughts and feelings streaming through my head for a while. Balancing a full time job, two very active little boys, maintaining a home while coming up with fun family activities. I don't really take much time for me... (I mean what mother really does?) other than an occasional face mask and getting my brows done every couple of months. The only thing I religiously do for myself is paint my nails. I decided it was time to change that but I also wanted to make a change that could also benefit everyone in my family.

After months of going back and forth and being super self conscious after having my youngest I decided I wanted to start working out and introducing more nutritious meals into my diet / family's diet. After all the body doesn't bounce back so easily after your 30's especially sitting at a desk all day and eating like garbage... (who knew?! lol) For as long as I could remember I've always been petite, fit in size 0/1 jeans and had a six pack. However, that changed with each pregnancy, with my oldest I went up a size and was able to get some definition back to my abs but after my youngest who was a much harder pregnancy, I didn't get so lucky. Again I went up a size in pants but also noticed those abs we're no longer there, in it's place was a bit of a pouch and the muffin top rearing its ugly head over my jeans when I wasn't wearing high-waisted leggings just nagged at me.

Don't get me wrong I know for being a mother of two over 30 I have a pretty decent body but it's just not the body I'm use to. After months of seeing friend all join BeachBody I decided I'd take the leap of faith and give it a whirl. This decision is much more than just to get back to the body (or close to the body I use to have) it's also a way to burn off stress, a way to get some more energy into my day and a way to get my family on track to better nutrition.

I already know I won't be follow the programs to a T and there are days I'll end up skipping the work out but for me attempting to do this is far better than just thinking about it and dwelling on wanting change and not going after it.

Maybe I'll surprise myself, maybe I'll press that play button everyday and maybe I'll get my oldest to eat the fruits and veggies with me. (He's just as picky as I am... more than likely more picky than me...)

I'm already in the prepping phase currently, I went out and purchased a yoga mat, 2 - 2 lbs weights and a step with risers. I set up a meal plan to help introduce nutrients while not over eating and have also started back on protein shakes to help get the rest of the nutrition I'm not getting in because of my pickiness. Not only did I pick all that up I also picked up a notebook to take time each night before bed and track my journey and just write my thoughts out on a page (the old school way) a journal of thoughts if you will.

Now the question is... Why am I sharing this here? I'm pretty positive I'm not the only mother at home internally side eyeing my body or wishing I could make some time for myself and I want you to know you aren't alone. Plus this is a great way to hold my self accountable for keeping up with this and also get back into my love of blogging. I can share my journey with you all while keeping track and hopefully motivating someone else to take a chance on your self! So here's to it! Time to get that hot mom bod and health back!


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